What is MILL Week?


WELCOME BACK TO YEAR 2! The students of Yukon High School would like to invite you to take part in our newest tradition known as MILL Week. MILL stands for Millers Improving Local Lives. This is the new face of our community’s philanthropy week that will take place at the high school from March 7th – March 13th.

flour mill 2

It is our mission to bring together “Yukon’s BEST” to help someone in need. MILL Week is a week to promote community growth and prosperity. No better thing in town best represents this quite like our famous flour mill. Though not still in working order, the mill represents the hard working, dedicated community members that helped put Yukon, Oklahoma on the map. These ideals are something that our students take seriously and continually search for ways to better not only the life of the person next to them, but also those of our town as well. In order to meet our mission, we rely heavily on the generosity of the individuals and businesses of Yukon and surrounding areas for support. We hope that you are ready to take that step with us!

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